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Solar Panels that Look Like Shingles!

solar panels that look like shingles

Do you want solar power but not the giant panels that make it possible? We have good news! GAF solar shingle roofs are solar panels that look like shingles. Here’s everything you need to know.


What Are GAF Solar Shingles?


Just like asphalt or tile shingles, GAF solar shingles are the primary material of your roof. Instead of installation on top of the roof, like solar panels, solar shingles replace some of the asphalt shingles. They not only protect your roof, but they also provide electricity to your home. Constructed with a combination of asphalt and monocrystalline solar cells, those solar cells connect to wiring that sends the solar power to the grid of your home, generating electricity and replacing the need for most of what you get from the utility company.


Solar Shingles vs. Solar Panels


GAF solar shingles can withstand extreme weather, are water-shedding like traditional roofing materials, and look great. With a variety of color combinations to suit your home, they have great curb appeal. Compared to solar panels, the GAF shingles are much more adaptable to more types of homes. You don’t need a massive roof to mount them as you do with panels, you don’t have to stress about HOA regulations and getting approval for installation, and you don’t have to worry about potential roof damage. Solar panels require drilling into your roof for mounting, creating the potential for leaks and damage to the material on and under your roof. Shingles replace a portion of your roof shingles, integrating into the roofing material, and can closely match the rest of the shingles used.


GAF Solar Shingles and Your Energy Efficiency


No matter where you get your electricity, whether from the utility company or through solar power, you will likely still use the same amount. The good news about solar energy is that it’s unlimited, clean, and it comes to you without the cost of buying it. Solar shingles reduce your need for costly electricity from your local provider, cutting back on your energy bills and even providing enough for you to send some of it back to the grid.


The Cost of Solar Shingles


Installing solar power has an initial cost that might seem high. However, GAF solar shingles are often less expensive than panels because of easy installation during scheduled roof replacement. Additionally, it will save you significantly on your energy costs over time, more than making up for the cost of purchase and installation. You’ll also have access to tax incentives that boost savings and have a 25-year warranty.


If you want solar power in your home but are resistant to the bulky panels popular in many neighborhoods, it’s time to consider GAF solar shingles. Contact Premiere Roofing, a certified GAF installer, to learn more about how you can harness the sun’s power to lower your energy bills without giving up the streamlined appearance of your home.  

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