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Roof Maintenance: Spring Cleaning Checklist

roof maintenanceSpring is here, and with it, the need for some spring cleaning. When you’re cleaning the inside of the house, don’t forget about the outside. Your roof and gutters protect your home from the elements year-round and need some attention in springtime too. We’ve created a gutter and roof maintenance spring cleaning checklist to make it easy.


Spring Roof Maintenance


It’s easy to neglect the roof when the weather warms up, and we start planning our annual spring-cleaning to-do list. But it’s as important, if not more important, than clearing out the garage or airing out the rugs. As your home’s primary protector, your roof should get attention every spring to ensure it’s in tip-top shape. An essential checklist for your roof maintenance should include the following:


  • Clear the debris – winter weather can bring heavy winds that can blow dirt and debris onto your roof. Clearing away branches, sticks, leaves, and dirt can help retain the strength of the roofing materials while allowing you to see them clearly to check for damage.
  • Examine the materials – checking for loose shingles is the first step in inspecting for damage. Ice, rain, and wind can take a toll on the shingles. Check for curling, tearing, separation, and damage.
  • Wash the roof – mold and mildew are common in the south, including on your roof, especially if it’s been a particularly wet winter. Cleaning any mold and mildew from the roof is critical for spring maintenance.
  • Check the flashing – the metal that protects the seam between the shingles and your chimney and vents is the flashing. It can pull away where it’s attached, leaving gaps for leaks. Check to ensure the flashing is secure to avoid water damage.


Spring Gutter Care


When checking your roof, don’t forget to take care of the gutters. They’re a vital part of the system that protects your home and foundation from water damage. The gutter care checklist should include:


  • Clean the gutters – clear any dirt and debris from your gutters first. After a long winter, there will probably be leaves, sticks, and maybe even nests in the gutters. Clearing that out will allow water to flow freely from your roof down and away from your home.
  • Check the fascia – the gutter system under your roof attaches to a fascia board. Check the integrity of the fascia every spring. Ensure no water damage, rot, cracks, bowing, or sagging. If the fascia board fails, your gutter won’t be in the right place to funnel water.
  • Check trees around your roof – trimming branches close to your roof and gutter system will help protect them during the summer months when they get heavy with leaves and throughout the year during stormy weather. Ensure there aren’t any branches touching the roof or gutters.


The best way to ensure your home is safe and protected is to call in the experts for help. Professional gutter cleaning and roof inspection by a roofing professional saves you time and helps prevent potential injury from climbing on the roof. It also allows for careful inspection and assessment. Contact the team at Premiere Roofing for all your gutter and roofing needs, including cleaning, inspection, repair, and installation.

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