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Skylights vs. Solar Tubes: Which is Best?

skylights vs solar tubesSkylights or solar tubes? That’s the question of the day. The feeling of natural light in your home or office can make the difference between an open, airy, inviting space and a room that feels like a cave. No matter how big the space is, it can feel small and claustrophobic if there’s not enough light. So what’s the answer to adding light if you can’t add windows? It’s time to consider the benefits of skylights vs. solar tubes. Here’s what you need to know about both.


The Truth About Skylights


Skylights are like windows installed in the roof that let light down directly into a room. The ones manufactured today are not the same as the skylights of long ago. They’re sturdier, safer, and easier to install. They let in light through the roof, brightening up spaces from kitchens to bathrooms in your home and offices to workshops in your commercial building. Like anything else, there are pros and cons to this type of home addition.


Skylight pros:


  • Adds natural light to rooms without large windows or to rooms that face north.
  • You can see the stars, the clouds, and the weather through the roof.
  • They can increase circulation and airflow if the skylight opens.
  • Adds appeal to certain buyers by adding light to an otherwise dark space.
  • They make rooms feel bigger and more expansive by adding a slice of the sky and extra light.


Skylight cons:


  • Roof damage can occur during installation if not done properly.
  • Due to installation, skylights can only go in rooms directly under the roof, meaning lower-floor rooms in multiple-story buildings aren’t an option for skylight installation.


The Lowdown on Solar Tubes


Solar tubes, also called sun tunnels and sun tunnel skylights, are like traditional skylights in that they let light from above into a room or space with few or no windows. The difference between skylights vs. solar tubes is that where skylights come in a range of sizes and installation is directly in the ceiling with a clear view of the outdoors, solar tubes are much smaller, usually 10” to 14” in diameter. They consist of a tube made up of metal sheets with a plastic dome on the outside and a light diffuser on the inside. Here are the pros and cons of this type of lighting.




  • You have flexibility with installation location due to their small diameter and design, allowing for natural light in smaller spaces.
  • Sun tunnels are low-cost with quick installation due to their smaller size and easy mounting.
  • They allow natural light into spaces with few or no windows.
  • They’re budget-friendly due to the size, material, and reduced installation cost.
  • The light is brighter than that from a skylight because the dome captures the sunlight, and the interior component diffuses it.




  • Sun tunnels have limited design options due to their size and function.
  • Because of the materials, the interior conducts heat which can lead to condensation.
  • You can’t see out through the sun tunnel skylight. They’re not like windows but instead are a light source and diffuser.


Knowing whether a skylight or a solar tube is a better option for your home or office can come down to location, budget, and desired effect. Talk to a professional for guidance on which is right for your needs by contacting Premiere Roofing, a certified installer of both VELUX® Skylights and VELUX® Sun Tunnels, for a free estimate.

Alternatives to a Full Commercial Roof Replacement

roof replacement alternativesAre you considering a full commercial roof replacement? Unfortunately, when it comes to commercial roofing, it can cost a pretty penny if there’s damage or issues that indicate it might need replacement. The good news is that there are roof replacement alternatives that can save you money while saving your roof.


What is Commercial Roof Coating?


One of the best roof replacement alternatives for your building is commercial roof coating. What is it? We’re so glad you asked. Premiere commercial roof coating is a silicone material that adheres to your existing roof to repair it and prevent the need for expensive roof replacement. It fills small holes and cracks to prevent leaks and water damage while giving your roof a new life.


What are the Benefits of Roof Coating?


A Premiere commercial roof coating is a great alternative to roof replacement. Not only will it cost you less than a new roof, but there are also other notable benefits. Here are just a few:


  • Durability – the coating is often more durable than the metal roof, protecting it from extreme weather, including heat, wind, ice, rain, and hail. The coating is seamless to protect it from the elements, pests, and rust and is environmentally friendly.
  • Extends the life of your roof – most commercial roofs have a limited lifespan. This roof replacement alternative can extend it, preventing potential damage, and saving you money on repair and replacement. It also prevents rust from breaking down the integrity of your roof, meaning it will last longer and be stronger. And with the ability for reapplication, you get even more life out of your roof without replacing the base.
  • Fewer repairs – because the silicone coating goes on as a liquid, it fills small holes and cracks in the existing roof, making it stronger. The coating is extremely durable to prevent damage and reduce the risk of needing repair.
  • Reduced chance of leaks – water damage can lead to extensive and costly repairs and downtime for your business. Roof coating is like a waterproof blanket for your roof, reducing the chance of leaks and protecting the interior of your building.
  • Timesaving – a new commercial roof is not only a significant financial investment, but it’s also a time-consuming process. Roof work might not close your business, but it can negatively impact productivity. Roof coating takes less than half the time of installing a new roof, so you can keep your business humming along with roof coating instead of roof replacement impacting your operations.
  • Increase your energy efficiency – Premiere commercial roof coatings are Energy Star rated, so adding the silicone coating increases efficiency cutting down on your heat and cooling loss and saving you money on your energy bills.


Most business owners prioritize the bottom line. They watch their budget, looking for ways to cut costs and reduce overhead while maintaining a safe. long-lasting, energy-efficient building. When it comes to commercial roofing, replacing it is a cost no one looks forward to. Premiere commercial roof coatings are one of the best roof replacement options on the market. Contact Premiere Roofing today to learn more and to get a free estimate.

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