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What Are the Advantages of Coating My Metal Building’s Roof?

commercial roof coatingsMany business owners have discovered that coating solutions for their commercial roof can prevent premature roof replacement and protect their business investment. But is it the right choice for your commercial building? Take a closer look at the top advantages of coating a metal building’s roof:

  • Cost-effective solution to seal and restore the roof
  • Prevents a high-cost replacement
  • Makes the roof more resistant to leaks and sun damage
  • Reflects sunlight and heat away from the roof’s surface, making the building more energy-efficient
  • Gives you peace of mind—no more worrying about the roof every time you see precipitation in the forecast!

Roof coatings for metal roofs are durable and long-lasting and help you get the most life possible out of your commercial roof.

Prevent Business Disruptions and Save Money with Premiere Coatings

At Premiere Roofing, we help businesses in the Columbia, SC area seal and restore their commercial roofs with a low-cost silicone coating solution. Our services can save you thousands of dollars. Plus, you won’t have to shut down your business for a roof replacement project.

We can apply your roof coating in half the time it would require for a complete roof replacement, and it costs 1/3 of what you would expect to pay for a new commercial roof. Our coating is environmentally friendly, secure, seamless, and we can reapply when needed to extend your roof’s lifespan.

Ready to restore your metal building’s roof in a way that works for your budget? Contact Premiere Roofing today to experience the advantages of coating your metal building’s roof.

Your Spring-Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof

home spring flowers

When making a spring-cleaning checklist for your property, you may not consider your residential roof. However, taking some time to get your roof ready for the next season is an effective way to prevent costly damage and prolong its lifespan. Keep reading for a checklist to follow to make the most of your residential roof this spring and all year long.

Clean the Gutters

Gutters must be debris-free to prevent overflows and backups that can damage your roof. If there’s anything other than water in the gutter, it needs to come out. Remove leaves, twigs, and seeds. This will also prevent birds from making nests in the gutters. Before flushing the gutter, always remove debris to avoid clogging the downspout.

Trim Hanging Branches

Notice any trees near your roof? It’s best to trim the branches before spring begins. Branches tend to grow even longer during the warmer months. As a result, they can scratch or damage your roof, and the leaves can fill the gutters. By trimming the branches, you can keep your roof safer.

Look Inside for Water Damage

If you notice any water damage or mold growth on the ceiling or in the attic, these are signs you may have a leaky roof that requires immediate repair. The winter’s fluctuating temperatures and snow or ice accumulation can be brutal on the roof. Checking for damage before springtime can help you prevent more extensive property damage.

Schedule a Roof Inspection

The most important step you can take to get your roof spring-ready is to contact Premiere Roofing for a professional roof inspection. Our experienced roofers provide free roof inspections and make repair recommendations to ensure you have a roof that keeps your home safe and protected.

Need help completing your spring roofing checklist? Contact the team at Premiere Roofing to schedule a free roof inspection or other roofing services.

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