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2 Helpful Tips to Prevent Summer Sunshine Damage to Your Roof

While many homeowners think winter is the season that does a number on a residential roof, the summer sun can do plenty of damage. You can’t exactly put a massive shade over your roof, but there are steps you can take to minimize the damage from the sun’s rays. Here are two helpful tips to protect your roof during the summer months:

#1: Replace the Roof with More Durable Shingles

Choosing high quality shingles with a long lifespan is an effective way to ensure you have a roof that won’t be as vulnerable to the sun’s damaging effects. What are the best shingles to give you a durable roof? The 25 year 3 Tab Shingles from CertainTeed are available in a wide range of attractive colors and feature a warranty for several major factors that may negatively impact your roof. By replacing your current shingles with these superior 25-year shingles, you will have a long-lasting roof that works to keep your home safe during the summer and all year long.

#2: Schedule a Summertime Roof Inspection

What is the best way to detect and prevent roof sun damage? A professional roofing inspection from a team you trust. The experts will be able to identify minor roofing problems before they become major, costly repairs or even an emergency replacement. Replacing faded or cracked shingles may be all that is necessary to repair the sun damage.

At Premiere Roofing, we offer affordable, effective roofing repair services as well as proven techniques to help you avoid a sun-damaged roof. Turn to our team to ensure your roof is doing its job to keep your home and family safe. Contact Premiere Roofing now to schedule roofing services or get an estimate in Columbia, SC, and beyond.

3 Ways to Tell It’s Time for a New Roof

old roof How can you know if it’s time for a new roof? The truth is, most homeowners don’t spend a lot of time thinking about their roof until they begin to experience roofing problems. Once you notice a leak or visible damage, you may think about little else. Should you invest in roof installation, or will a repair be enough? Keep reading for three signs indicating a new roof is your best option.

#1: Cracked, buckling, or damaged shingles

If you notice extensive damage to the shingles during a roof inspection, you likely need a new roof. The shingles should lie flat and uniform on the roof. A few missing shingles or cracked and buckling shingles may mean you can get by with repair. But if it is a widespread issue across the roof, a replacement makes more sense.

You can also check the downspouts and gutters for shingle granules. If the shingles are shedding too many granules, this is another sign the roof is at the end of its lifespan.

#2: Roof rot

Once the roofing materials are significantly rotting, repair becomes more difficult. A sagging roof is the number one sign of trapped moisture and roof rot and a clear indicator that replacement is crucial.

#3: Signs of leaks on the inside

Take a close look at your home’s attic and ceilings. Do you notice any moisture, water stains, or signs of leaks and water damage? While it’s possible to repair a leaky roof, it’s a better idea to move forward with replacement when repair becomes too frequent.

If you notice any of these three signs, or if your roof is older than 20 years, replacing it is a wise investment. A new roof with professional installation will help you save money on repairs and energy costs and keep your family safe.

Contact Premiere Roofing today to learn more about roof replacement or to schedule roof repair or installation services. We are happy to answer your questions and provide a free estimate.

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