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How Often Do I Need to Have My Roof Inspected?

Sun, extreme changes in weather, storms and more all take their tolls on a roof. Regular inspections by a professional roofing technician from Premiere Roofing will allow small issues to be located and repaired before they become much more expensive repairs. Ideally, inspections should be completed twice per year, both in the spring and fall in preparation for hurricane season and winter weather. Replacing any missing shingles, repairing holes in the flashing and/or other simple issues can often prevent major structural damage resulting from even small water leaks which can seep into your attic, walls and beyond.

What Occurs During a Professional Roof Inspection?

During your roof inspection, a roofing technician will complete the following tasks:

  • With the aid of ladders and safety equipment, your entire roof will be inspected for movement of any shingles, obvious signs of leaks and the overall condition of the shingles themselves, as these materials naturally degrade over time.
  • All gutters and drains as well as chimneys or vents with flashing or other sealers will be carefully examined for leaks, clogs and other problems.
  • The interior of the roof will be inspected from within your attic. The slightest sign of water damage (such as moisture, mold or tiny pinholes of light which are visible through the roof) can typically be spotted from this vantage point, allowing leaks to be traced back to their source.
  • A complete write-up of any problems will be provided along with a free estimate of the cost of repairs at your request.

Extend the Life of Your Roof with Bi-Annual Inspections

Weather conditions in Columbia tend to be extreme, increasing the importance of bi-annual roofing inspections. Working on a roof can be extremely dangerous and is best left to the professionals. Protect your own safety while extending the life of your roof by contacting the experts at Premiere Roofing today.

Warning Signs That Your Roof Needs to be Replaced

Extreme damage after a storm or from a fallen tree are obvious situations where a roof will need to be replaced. In the majority of cases, however, shingles simply reach the end of their lifespan and need to be upgraded to continue to protect the interior components of your home. Warning signs of the imminent need to replace a roof include cupped, cracked or bald shingles. If other homes in your area are also undergoing roofing replacements, this can be a sign that yours is also due for an upgrade. Although different roofing types have varying life expectancies, proper ventilation of your roof and maintenance of gutters impact the actual lifespan of shingles.

Signs That Your Roof is in Imminent Need of Replacement

The following issues are signs that the shingles on your roof have reached the end of their lifespan and should be promptly replaced:

  • The shingle tabs have a cupped appearance or the edges have curled;
  • The granules on your shingles have been worn off, creating a bald appearance;
  • Cracks appear in various sections of the roofing materials;
  • Numerous homes in your neighborhood have already undergone a roofing replacement that was not due to extreme storm or tree damage.

Professionals Can Help Determine the Condition of Your Roofing Shingles

Determining the exact condition of your roof can be tricky and is best handled by professional roofing technicians. Scheduling regular roofing inspections through Premiere Roofing is one of the best ways to stay on top of small issues before they become major problems. Our inspectors will provide you an honest evaluation of the state of your roof and help you select the best replacement materials when it’s time for an upgrade. Give our friendly staff a call with any questions or to schedule a roofing inspection today!

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